Kent Arts Television Film Music

Kent Arts Television Film Music (KATFM) is a Community Interest Company which owns and operates some of the most exciting grassroots arts projects in Ashford. 

This is the company behind Ashford Arts Centre (AAC), the first and only Community Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts in Ashford.  The AAC makes quality training and performance opportunities accessible to people of all ages and income levels.  

Ashford Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in town. It's an unsung triumph, celebrating community involvement in everything from Opera to independent film over several days each year. 

KATFM Learning Centre runs a study support centre for children in Home Education. KATFM's accredited training organisation, housed inside the AAC and provides children educated outside of school an opportunity to socialise with other students in our various clubs and classes as well as the entire compulsory curriculum for KS3 and KS4 learners. Our aim is to make an impact on the community through arts-based learning. We aim to make affordable creative spaces available to freelance professionals in the arts. We aim to encourage aspiration through actual work experience in a wide range of jobs in the creative sector.

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